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Shimadzu Medical (India) Pvt Ltd (SMIP) was established in April 2001 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, Singapore. Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation, Japan and is the Regional HQ for the Asia-Pacific region.

A Proud History

Shimadzu Medical (India) Pvt Ltd, (SMIP) was established with an objective of bringing current technology in medical imaging to the health care service providers in this country, thus enhancing the quality of diagnosis and patient care delivery.


SMIP has adopted a Two pronged approach for its business on India.


- To manufacture current technology X Ray products for routine radiography at an    affordable cost


- To market High end Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy systems, Digital Angiography    systems and DR systems manufactured by Shimadzu Corporation, Japan.


SMIP is the only manufacturer in India to manufacture current generation X ray generators (UD 125 PC/H) using IGBT and high frequency inverters (~ 60 kHz). Improved image quality for reliable diagnosis is now achieved at a considerably lower patient dose, thus achieving the global pursuit of ALARA ( As Low As Reasonably Achievable). Dose consideration gains significance in the examination of women and children, in particular.


SMIP have also introduced the most advanced Mobile X Ray unit (MUX 10T) using the same advanced technology, improving productivity and reliability in health care.
SMIP have also developed Tube support column, Floating Bucky Table and Vertical Bucky stand with a contemporary design, features & quality that meet global standards. Complete radiography system of 16 kW & 50 kW ratings is now available from SMIP. These systems can be readily upgraded to a cost effective DR system with portable DR panel.


Today, over 100 Q Rad systems are in use at both private and public hospitals. Reliability, Quality, Low dose and improved productivity has been the hallmark of these installations. In the high end segment of radiography and fluoroscopy, Shimadzu have the largest number of systems installed in the last decade.


With over 50 employees and sales and service network in the four metro and other major cities, SMIP’s objective is to offer optimal solution to our customers for meeting their imaging needs keeping in mind the present and future expansion into digital imaging and networking. Adequately staffed with qualified and trained engineers, SMIP provides a wide variety of service like preventive maintenance contract, comprehensive maintenance contract, on call services, re training, calibration services and clinical application support.


We strive to achieve our ultimate goal - TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.